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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

In order for a business to grow quickly, it needs to be able to reach a wide target audience as soon as possible. Without an active social media presence, your business lacks visibility, stickability and overall engagement — which means it is doomed to fail. Think with Google research shows that nearly 2 in 3 adults use social media. By not tapping into the potential of social media, marketing your business to potential leads and customers becomes that much harder.

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6 reasons why social media marketing can benefit your business:


  • Social Media Gives the Business a Wider Reach
  • Using Social Media Boosts Your Business Website SEO
  • Social Media Marketing Is Sharable Marketing
  • A Strong Social Media Presence Builds Brand Loyalty
  • Social Media Gives Businesses the Ability to Quickly Respond to Customers
  • Customers You Didn’t Know Existed Will Find Your Business


Floppy Revolution can help your business understand and adopt a social media plan to help build engaging, real-time communication. Find out more