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On-Call Agency

Ever find the need to have an agency work on more that one project, but you don’t want to pay the yearly retainer fee? If you need Floppy Revolution for more than one project, we have hourly on-call agency retainer packages that are designed specifically for you. These packages range from five hours a month to 160+ hours, and include most project types. Because our packages are hourly, there is no limit to concepts or revisions. Should you not use all of your hours, they’ll roll over to the next month until the end of your agreement.

Great Results, Smaller Team, Hands-On Approach

Hire us today and get instant access to all of these great benefits:

  • Instant experienced in-house marketing & creative department.
  • Guaranteed amount of prioritized service time.
  • Projects given highest priority.
  • Discounted marketing rates.
  • No agreements to sign for each individual project.
  • A resource that every department in your business can utilize.

Marketing to Grow Your Business

As your on-call agency, we’ll be able to provide your business with:

  • Website Development
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Pay-Per-Click Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Creative Design
  • Traditional Marketing and More
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All of this includes Floppy Revolution’s expert strategy and implementation process.

Ready to get started? Fill out our RFP and we’ll provide you with a budget-conscious quote that will accomplish your marketing needs.

On-Call Solutions Start at $1200

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