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What Is Your Revolution?


What Is Your Revolution?

A Revolution has been central to the formation of the modern world. The word itself refers to radical, transformative change.

Revolutions have occurred through human history and vary widely in terms of methods, duration, and motivating ideology. Their results include major changes in culture, economy, and socio-political institutions.

In business, a revolution comes about when a brand reaches an impasse. For businesses, they must decide whether it would be better to slowly improve and work on what they currently have or to take an entirely new approach with an immediate change — a revolution.

The immediate changes that occur because of a revolution can be very beneficial for a brand. Most of the best revolutionary (or disruptive) ideas give businesses an extreme advantage over their competitors. Businesses can move into unknown territory with an entirely new set of ideas or thinking and leave their competition in the dust. But brands need to keep in mind that even though revolutions are the fastest ways to move forward, the outcome of that revolution is very dependent on the quality of the idea and it’s strategy. This is where Floppy Revolution can help.

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