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Outsource Your Marketing Team

Outsource Marketing

It is common practice already for companies to outsource their development team, accounting team, customer service, and many other facets of business. Doing so saves overhead, commitment, recruiting time, training time, and expenses of full-time staff, while allowing the business to tap into experts without all the associated expenses.

So why not outsource your marketing and marketing leadership as well?

The Benefits of a Marketing Agency

Outsourcing your marketing team, including marketing leadership, has recently become a more common practice. And since there is still a very small community of successful, talented, and experienced digital growth experts, trying to secure full-time marketing talent plus marketing leadership can cost well over $200,000 per year. For new companies, or a company just exploring digital, this makes little sense.

If you’re a startup, small business, or an organization focused on other growth initiatives such as product or service, bringing your marketing efforts to an agency that can strategize and execute across multiple marketing channels could be key to expanded growth.

Additionally, you can get all the perks of having a multimillion dollar marketing staff, but stick within your budget. Outsourcing provides these digital experts—who have likely worked with top-tier brands—at a fraction of the cost with no long-term commitment or HR issues.

Agency digital marketing benefits include:

  • Savings: At much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you get an entire team of experts, and can expect cheaper ad costs and software costs, among others.
  • Access: With the right firm, you still get complete access to all of your data with no hidden fees and complete transparency.
  • Time: You save on all of the time it takes finding someone (and costs of HR) or trying to learn the entire digital marketing field yourself.
  • Experience: Your team will benefit from the expertise an outside marketing team brings to the table, such as familiarity with your target market and the diverse marketing channels and opportunities available.

When trying to hire an entire team in-house with leadership, it can be very expensive and usually doesn’t land you the same level of expertise and experience as working with an outsourced agency.

Outsourcing marketing efforts is a very big decision for a company. But if you find the right agency for your needs, it can bring plenty of value by putting your organization in expert hands. The key component is to truly know and understand your company and its needs, so you make the right choice for the future growth of your company.

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