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Local SEO Company Serves Greater Flint Michigan Area

Local SEO, done locally!

Local SEO, done locally!

I wouldn’t dare say that we’re the

Best SEO company in Flint

or nearby areas of Grand Blanc, Fenton or Clarkston — but we’re great at what we do: Digital Marketing.

We specialize in SEO and online marketing

We keep our rates competitive, our team skilled in SEO strategy and our caffeine intake high. We use SEO practices that create a better user experience while carefully optimizing for search engines.

Floppy Revolution loves doing Flint SEO and helping local businesses grow because our team lives, works and plays in Flint and surrounding areas! Unlike some other agencies, we do NOT use overseas third-party SEO providers or cheap, quick-fix techniques.

Get more targeted online traffic

Who doesn’t want more site traffic? The most obvious way to get more traffic is to rank higher in organic search engine results (easier said than done, right?). There are so many factors that can affect your search engine ranking. Great content and quality linking can help you rank higher, whereas poor site speed and improperly optimized pages can cause lower or declining positioning.

Why do websites need SEO?

On-page SEO is about improving a site’s content and functionality so that users will like what they see and search engines will better understand the site. And why does it matter if search engines understand my website? It matters a whole lot because a search engine’s crawlers gather info about all the content they find on the Internet, it then builds an index. When a user makes a query, the search engine tries to match it with the most relevant data from its index. So, in essence, you want yours to be the best data the search engine has.

Dramatic SEO Changes

Best practices have been continually refined over the past several years. Sites that were “properly optimized” a few years ago may be losing ground to their more updated competitors today. Google changes its search algorithm over 500 times a year. Most changes are very minor but occasional major updates have notably impacted search results. There could be many reasons why your site isn’t ranking well or performing as it should. Please sign up below for an analysis and let us take a look.

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