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You know you need to attract new customers and keep your existing clients coming back, but you can’t afford to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the results you expect. That’s why you use email marketing tactics. While email marketing is...

It is common practice already for companies to outsource their development team, accounting team, customer service, and many other facets of business. Doing so saves overhead, commitment, recruiting time, training time, and expenses of full-time staff, while allowing the business to tap into experts without...

High intent keywords signify a strong intent on the part of the searcher to conduct a transaction, whether it be to buy something, inquire about a service, or another type of action that has a strong possibility of leading to an eventual purchase. There are three basic types of search query:

Informational Searches

are performed to answer a question or learn about something: 
  • signs of pregnancy
  • probate lawyers grand blanc
  • dentist reviews clarkston

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Navigational Searches

are performed to locate a specific website:
  • instagram
  • security bank Login
  • oakland county website

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Transactional Searches

are performed with the intent to buy something
  • get insurance quotes
  • buy pizza online
  • subscribe to wired magazine

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High intent keywords are only relevant to transactional searches. If keywords can be considered “triggers” from prospective customers, keywords with commercial intent are the most promising. On the other hand, low intent keywords are those that can be considered either navigational or informational in nature. Someone looking for information on a given topic or searching for a specific website is less likely to commit to a purchase (at that time) as a result of these types of searches.

In order for a business to grow quickly, it needs to be able to reach a wide target audience as soon as possible. Without an active social media presence, your business lacks visibility, stickability and overall engagement — which means it is doomed to fail....